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IBSC 21st Annual Conference, 29 June - 2 July 2014

As a proud partner of the International Boys' Schools Coalition, CIRCLE looks forward to sponsoring and attending this conference in Nashville, TN, USA.

Dr Philip SA Cummins and Dr Julie Hodges are pleased to be presenting the Pre-Conference Seminar on Sunday 29 June, on the topic "Measuring Character Education in Boys' Schools". In an era where all schools are learning to use data more frequently and more richly to inform their practice, educators are asking important questions about the role of schools in building the character of their students, and about the actual impact and effectiveness of character education initiatives.

In addition, during the Mentoring Session on Tuesday 1 July, Dr Phil Cummins, Managing Director CIRCLE, will be sharing 'The Story So Far: Measuring Character Education in Boys' Schools', and Dr Julie Hodges, Principal Research Officer at CIRCLE, will be presenting on 'Toward a Home Away from Home: A Program to Enhance the Parenting Role of Boarding Staff'.

Alliance Biennial Educators Conference, 25-27 May 2014

As a proud partner of the Alliance of Girls' Schools, CIRCLE was delighted to attend this conference from 25-27 May in Wellington, New Zealand. Dr Phil Cummins, Managing Director of CIRCLE, was pleased to have the opportunity to address all delegates during the program and share with them CIRCLE's exciting new book project with Abbotsleigh School for Girls.

Empowering Young Women is a collection of insights from educators connected with Abbotsleigh, where learning is informed by research and reflective practice. Find out more

CIRCLE Global Postgraduate Educational Leadership Program

Are you looking for an opportunity to build your leadership capacity in education? Do you want to take a proactive role in advancing the mission of your school? Do you want to augment your understanding and practice with the latest high quality thinking in education?

CIRCLE - The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education, in association with The University of Tasmania and the Wee Kim Wee Centre at Singapore Management University, is offering the Global Postgraduate Educational Leadership Program, a unique biannual leadership training series for educators who wish to position themselves at the forefront of global thinking in education.

This leadership development program is both rich and rare in its offering, with units offered each semester. Educators who register for a unit will sit a three-day program com- bining individual and collaborative learning styles. Through the completion of a practical assessment portfolio within an overall conference experience, educators will receive a Certificate of Attainment upon completion of the unit, which may count as credit towards a postgraduate qualification of the candidate's choosing.

For more information, download the prospectus here.

This opportunity is unique and exclusive. Run biannually in March and September, the Global Postgraduate Educational Leadership Program is limited to 60 enrolments. Register your interest or secure your place today for our pilot program to be run from 10-12 September 2014 by emailing us at

Launch of CIRCLE Governance

CIRCLE is excited to announce the launch of CIRCLE Governance, a new service that will help school boards improve their effectiveness.

CIRCLE Governance understands that schools have unique cultures that differ from the corporate world in many ways. Therefore, unlike other organisations that provide advice in the area of governance, CIRCLE Governance has a specialist focus on schools.

To support this focus, we are delighted to have CIRCLE Governance led by Dr Stephen Codrington. Stephen recently returned to Australia after 25 years serving as the Head of five schools in four countries - Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United States. During this period, he worked with many schools as a board member and an accreditation officer. He has developed strategic plans for schools, helped with board reviews and restructuring, and observed boards at their best and at their worst.

CIRCLE Governance will work with school boards in a range of ways including board workshops that focus on 'best practice' in school governance, orientation sessions for new board members, board and trustee evaluations, help with restructuring and advice on a range of issues, including board-head relationships.

CIRCLE Governance works on the understanding that every school is unique, and has its own culture and ethos. In view of this, CIRCLE Governance is very flexible in being able to address the specific needs of different schools - single-sex and coeducational, day and boarding, religious and secular, all age ranges, and even international schools. This is so for schools in a wide range of situations, spanning the spectrum of regular board training to preserving the effectiveness of highly effective boards right through to boards that find themselves in deep crisis.

You can read more about CIRCLE Governance here. All enquiries about CIRCLE Governance should be directed to

CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference, 1-4 April

CIRCLE was excited to be in Hong Kong as the Platinum Sponsor of the CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference (APAC) 2014.

Now in our third year as proud sponsors of CASE APAC, CIRCLE was delighted to return to Hong Kong and join delegates as they engaged and connected in an enriching experience of professional learning. This conference provided those tasked with the mission of institutional advancement with the opportunity to reflect upon the new trends being set in our educational sphere and to consider the impact of our work around advancement activities in schools and other organisations.

APAC opened with a Schools Program hosted at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, followed by the Main Conference at Langham Place, Mongkok, in the thriving area of Kowloon. Gathered at the conference were heads of schools, heads of institutions, senior government officials, donor partners, fellow practitioners both seasoned and young, and the ever-expanding, ever-dynamic CASE network.

Dr Phil Cummins was pleased to present on "Building Values of Compassionate Justice: A School's Quest to Align Core Business and Philanthropy", during the Main Conference. His presentation can be found here.

CEN Conference 2014, 24-27 March

CIRCLE is delighted to have Dr Phil Cummins presenting at the biennial Principals & Executives Christian Educational National Conference.

This conference, hosted at the Geelong Waterfront in Victoria over 24 - 25 March 2014, addresses the challenges of leadership and aims to draw together thinking around a distinctive Christian Education curriculum while also taking into consideration the demands of compliance and standards. Phil is delighted to present on appraisal and performance in schools.

His presentation can be found here for delegates of the conference.

The CIRCLE Bachelor of Education Professional Honours Qualification

CIRCLE is pleased to announce the launch of The CIRCLE Bachelor of Education Professional Honours Qualification offered in association with the University of Tasmania.

The online learning based course is designed to provide those who work in educational organisations with relevant and practical preparation for leadership. It entails the completion of 8 Units which have been written and coordinated by CIRCLE staff and is augmented with digital resources and webinars.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop advanced leadership skills in an educational environment and take the next step in your career.

More information can be found here.

Dr Phil Cummins introduces the Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours

Introducing CIRCLE's new Senior Management Team

We're delighted to introduce you to CIRCLE's new Senior Management Team for 2014. Staff realignment across 4 key positions within this team (Managing Director, Head of Consultancy, Head of Education and Head of Operations) has strengthened CIRCLE's attention to and care of each of our spheres of expertise. Our experienced, committed and friendly Senior Management Team are always delighted to hear from you. For more information about who's who, and to contact a CIRCLE staff member, please click here.

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Education For The Future - An International Seminar

CIRCLE is delighted and proud to have partnered with the Wee Kim Wee Centre to host Education For The Future - An International Seminar at Singapore Management University (SMU) on 24 - 26 October 2013.

Developed as a concept through the shared educational vision of Dr Kirpal Singh, Director - Wee Kim Wee Centre, and Dr Phil Cummins, Managing Director - CIRCLE, the common starting point for the International Seminar was our understanding of education as the main driving force for progress and growth. In large communities and small, remote places and huge cities, everywhere human beings have placed special emphasis on acquiring knowledge and developing intellectually. In many societies, education has been the main solution to getting out of poverty and a low-level standard of living.

With the advent of the Internet Age, however, education is now under tremendous pressure to eke out new modalities - both of pedagogy as well as "content". The old, familiar systems, models and platforms no longer provide adequate nourishment and challenge. Megatrends now indicate that we are all in desperate need of a thorough change in terms of how we study, teach and learn, and what we learn, teach and study.

This small and focussed International Seminar on Education For The Future brought a diverse group of people together to engage in a vigorous, frank and open discussion about what is involved and how we can start to be ready to embrace fundamental changes. CIRCLE was excited and affirmed by the diversity in attendees as well as speakers at the Seminar, ranging from Singaporean Members of Parliament to esteemed international journalists to Principals, presidents and other educational leaders. We are enthused by the quality of exciting, interesting and engaging ideas explored by many at the Seminar and encourage good friendships and lasting bonds between us going forward.

(from left to right) Dr Phil Cummins, Managing Director - CIRCLE; Lim Biow Chuan, Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) on Education; Dr Kirpal Singh, Director - Wee Kim Wee Centre.

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